We support the business in the whole life-cycle

We conduct legal, tax and bookkeeping support of companies from the moment of registration to the moment of liquidation or reorganization.


Company registration

We register companies, starting from the choice of the country of registration, the legal and tax system to approval of the name and form of the company, taking into consideration the interests of one or several founders. We assist in preparing documents for opening bank account. We make a tax registration for obtaining a VAT number or obtaining the tax status of a resident. We solve issues with a work permit and registration of a residence permit for business.


Control over taxes and financial indicators

If the company uses our permanent accounting services, our specialists will constantly monitor financial and tax performance. In case of tax risks or risks associated with loss of liquidity, or adequacy of capital, we will propose measures to restore the company’s performance.


Bookkeeping service

We conduct bookkeeping of companies. The price of accounting service from 95 EUR per month. We execute all necessary forms for wages and VAT. We provide the Annual Financial Report. If necessary, we will consolidate the annual report with reports of subsidiaries that may be located in different countries. We present the financial indicators in accordance with the International Standards IAS/IFRS. We analyze the transactions in accordance with VAT regulations to cross-border transactions in the European Union.


Compliance, Due Diligence

We conduct compliance procedures for both business and individuals, taking into account the new requirements of regulators, banks, payment systems, tax departments, registrars and partners. We are “scoring” enterprises in terms of risks associated with AML requirements (anti-money laundering). We give legal and tax advice on bringing the company (or business) according to the current requirements of modern laws.

We use and consider new work requirements and standards for businesses.
Prepare accounting documents according to the International Standards.
Communicate with clients in English, Estonian and Russian.
VAT, CIT, Withholding Tax
Professionally control the transactions according to the taxation and required reporting.
Register an E-residency and provide assistance with using the electronic business management tools from anywhere in the world.
Online banking
Pick the banking and other electronic financial management tools, including those on managing the cryptocurrency.