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Company registration worldwide


Bookkeeping service

Legal Support

Opening bank and payment system accounts

E-residency, Work permission, Tax residency

Company registration worldwide
Company registration worldwide

We register companies for our clients in different countries of Europe and beyond its borders – Estonia, Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Holland, Latvia, Finland, as well as in Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Panama, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, the Seychelles, the Marshall Islands.

We also register trusts and obtain licenses for different activities.


We carry out the Compliance procedure for clients according to the local legislation, AML, bank and GDPR requirements. We help to adapt business to these requirements in order to prevent the risks of losing business, because of non-compliance with these requirements.

We conduct Compliance procedure according to the requirements for transactions within the territory of the European Union, regulated by the Value-Added Tax Act (VAT).


We provide bookkeeping services and prepare financial reports for Estonian, Cypriot, English, Maltese and Danish companies. All reports are prepared according to the local requirements and International Standards IAS / IFRS.

We also prepare regular reports on VAT and wage taxes. The control is carried out for purchase-sale transactions and services according to the VAT legislation.

Legal support

Our legal services include:

  • Preparating contracts in Russian, English and Estonian;
  • Consultating on International Law and Local Legislation;
  • Preparing documents on liquidation, reorganization, unification-separation of enterprises;
  • Preparing and holding of General Meetings of shareholders, owners, directors.
  • Provision of a legal opinion.
  • Preparing documents for the Trust.
Legal support
Opening accounts in the banks
Opening accounts in the banks and payment systems

We prepare company documents for opening a bank accounts. We carry out the Due Diligence procedure and adapt the structure of the company according to the bank’s and payment system’s requirements. We accommodate all documents with banks and payment systems at the preliminary stage for the successful account opening.

E-residency, Work permission, Tax residency

We help to prepare the required documents for obtaining a work permission in the EU countries for business. Besides, we prepare documents for changing or obtaining a tax status (including in preferential order). We also issue E-residency.


Challenges occur constantly. They occur both in nature and in human society. It is useless to resist them. Rather, you need to be able to foresee them and find the ways to accept and adapt to them.

Dmitry Lamikhov, CEO

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