Worldwide Company Registration

From 790 EUR  for a Company in EU.

Company registration in various countries.


Compliance procedure based on the AML (Anti Money Laundering) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

VAT Compliance.


From 95 EUR per month.

Financial reporting according to the IAS/IFRS standards.

VAT, VIES. Corporate Tax forms submission.

Opening a Bank account

Legal support for opening bank account.

Preparation of the documents and corporate structure for Due Diligence.

Legal support

Agreements for business activity preparation.

Corporate, Commercial, Civil and Tax Law support. Legal opinion issuing, Due Diligence.

E-residency, Work permission, Tax residence

Legal assistance of work and residence permission.

Tax residence obtaining for foreigners in Europe.

Tax plan

Detailed development and documentary support of a tax plan, by considerating the personal, dividends, Corporate tax, withholding tax and other tax payables.

Drop to 5% payable

Development plan

Creating the development the plan by considering taxes, cross- border, personal interests and investments; preparating the company for sale or attracting of new partners.

Rise to 50% extra income

New challenges

Adaptating the business to tax and legal changes, which includes evalutating the business and putting it in order in accordance with the requirements of Compliance, AML, GDPR.

Inner advantages

Run your business with a smile

The contemporary business environment is surrounded by a great deal of laws, regulations and rules. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ignore this. To maintain a prosperous company, there’s a need to have a sound understanding of these issues and not to break them.
We help businesses to exist in a comfort zone without worrying about the corporate concerns they can face. As such, our services ensure the maximum profitability for your company and the convenient running of your business.

We will make your business global

Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in leading businesses that operate in different countries. We apply our legal knowledge to cross- border transactions and work according to the international bookkeeping standards. We prepare all the legal documents for obtaining the licence and permissions for business activities in Fintech and Cryprocurrency.