We launch new businesses for our clients worldwide. FM Capital Consulting has been representing its mission and vision for already 23 years. We successfully battle with different tax enquiries and build up familiarity with the corporate law.

FM Capital Consulting is very loyal towards its customers. Our clients constantly encourage us to develop new skills and to do everything possible with regards to their personal requirements.

We have an outstanding experience of working in Estonia, Russia, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland and other European countries. The Asian market inspires us to achieve new heights. Our company is able to apply skills in bookkeeping and tax optimization in a supportive and flexible way.

FM Capital Consulting has obtained all the necessary licenses for its business operation. Our employees are well qualified in finance, economics, accounting, corporate and tax law. We constantly improve our education to ensure we to go with the times and are able to face modern challenges.

We always ensure that our work is done to the best of our abilities and that is it guaranteeing the efficient results for our clients’ businesses.