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Estonian e-Residency. What’s that?

Since the beginning of December 2014, it became possible to apply for Estonian e-Residency.

E-residency is a state-issued secure digital identity plastic card with microchip (digi-ID card) for non-residents that allows digital authentication and digital signing of the documents (e.g. via Internet) only for Estonia. Holding this document, you can establish a company or apply for corporate licenses, not mentioning access to different e-services provided by both the public and private sector.

To get the digi-ID card of e-Resident you need to visit Estonian Police and Border Guard Board twice. First, to show that you are a real person and to fill in the application form. You will need to have a valid passport, color photo (40x50mm) and a document confirming payment of the state fee with you. During your second visit, you will receive the card.

It takes approximately ten working days (from the moment of application for the document) to receive the answer from Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

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