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Danish companies vogue is up more

Over the past ten years the Danish Kingdom has taken active steps towards a permanent improving of the state’s image in the field of business organizing and operating among as medium- as big-sized business leaders . As a result, demand for Danish companies such as K/S has grown significantly and starts to gain with each passing day.

This trend is explained by the fact that Denmark is becoming more respectable jurisdiction for the purpose of making business. Companies registered in Denmark, but running their activity outside, enjoy all the tax and other benefits relevant to the Danish company. Denmark is one of the most stable EU member states; transparency, clarity and simplicity of its tax system increases attention to this jurisdiction. Not the least role in this plays the tax rule according to which the taxes of Danish companies such as K / S shall be paid at the place of residence of the founding partners of the company. In addition, highly developed infrastructure and a business culture allows you to execute the necessary documents, licenses and certificates without delay and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Additionally I would like to note the availability of an electronic Register of enterprises, access to which is free. Since Western partners prefer to have the opportunity to test the integrity due diligence of the counterparty through requests to state agencies, generally to registers, the registration of the company in Denmark increases automatically the trustability of the Company in the eyes of prospective partners and investors.

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